Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Blog

My music listening of late has been limited to one group and one group only, The Beach Boys. Maybe because as a teacher I am lamenting the end of yet another summer vacation and the Wilson brothers et al. are the only way to hold on to August (he posts on the 4th day of September).
Now if you are like a lot of people you hear Beach Boys and dismiss the idea as a bunch of teeny bopper early 60's pop music. You would be wrong. There was so much musical genius going on in that group and most of it coming from Brian Wilson. Listen to "God Only Knows" from the classic album "Pet Sounds". Crank it up and really listen to it (with a good set of headphones even) and you would be surprised at the intricate beauty going on under that sweet vocal by brother Carl Wilson.
As a matter of fact the album "Pet Sounds" was such a masterpiece Brian had a nervous breakdown trying to top himself. Those never before released tapes will finally surface as a box set entitled "Smile" (which was supposed to be the original title of these recordings). I for one am waiting for November 1st with baited breath. I'm sure it will be nothing short of genius.

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  1. Welcome aboard, dude! I'm very enamored of The Beach Boys these days. Have you ever read the lyrics to their version of "Little Deuce Coupe"? Totally awesome if you like cars that go fast. Pet Sounds is Brian Wilson's "Sargent Pepper". Also Todd, write away, and don't worry about getting comments. Believe me, people are reading your blog.